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Market Leaders Group: Funding and Syndication for High-Tech, High-Growth Ventures 
  • Lead Syndicates for innovative startups/SMEs and VC/Angel/Funding to fuel New Business
  • Support High-Tech, High Growth value-add propositions in (Startup) Ecosystems 
  • Focus on Innovation, IoT, Big Data, E-commerce, AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Fintech, Cleantech, Healthscience, CSR, ESG/Impact Investment
  • Market Makers, Business Acceleration, Strategy, Industry Support
  • M&A, Exits, Fundraising
We work closely together with Startups/SMEs with innovative value add propositions for compelling markets, needing a major strategic business impulse and professional support. Through our assistance in sharpening Value Propositions, Executive Summaries and Pitches, Investors and other stake holders engage faster. 

Our clients
  • Startups/Entrepreneurs/SMEs with innovative ideas for compelling markets, needing funding, a major strategic business impulse and professional industry support
  • Universities, R&D Institutions, Investors, Incubators/Business Accelerators
  • Fundraising for High-Tech Innovation and Sustainability Investment Funds
  • M&A and Exits deal flow for Clients backed by Institutional Investors

30+ years experience in profit & non-profit, B2B, B2C.
IoT, Big Data, E-commerce, AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Fintech, healthcare, plastics, environment & sustainability, cleantech, medical equipment, health science, mobility, aviation, automotive, financial services.

Market Leaders Group specialities
We mobilize an extensive network of technical and industry advisors, as well as drawing from the expertise and diversity of funders. Combined with our in-house experience we are confident our approach to seeding plus supporting deals leads to success. Fundraising. M&A. Exits. Industry Support.

We look to support:

  Innovative value propositions for strategic markets 
  • Is the technology advancement significant?
  • Is there a sizeable addressable market?
  Compelling (management) teams
  • Is the inventor or entrepreneur ready to lead the business?
  • Is there a full team recruited or available (professional partners)?
  Customer and Business Value-add
  • How do we leverage our professional network?
  • What resources can we call upon to assist the entrepreneur?
  Syndication partners
  • Is there additional value-add funding with industry expertise available?

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Mission statement:

"Innovation enriches resources with new capacities adding new values to the ecosystem for everyone. Coming up with an innovative idea is a first step in creating something great. In delivering the right idea to compelling markets, our commitment to successful execution and delivery are key".

What we do

Connecting people, connecting business, partnering, business par excellence, ensemble entrepreneur and investor, a company with global community of venture professionals, facilitating entrepreneur and investor, innovative and proactive.

Why us

Successful and proven. A success driven organization with a wide open view for business and society. Operating at high standards of CSR. We are active in the Benelux and DACH and leverage our global investor and industry networks.

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